California’s new Uniform Trust Decanting Act brings Opportunity, Risk

 California recently (9/14/18) joined a few other states that have enacted the Uniform Trust Decanting Act. A lot of states have decanting statutes, several dozen in fact, but they vary greatly and this uniform act is more restrictive than those in some of the more...

Life Insurance: It Was Never Just About Taxes

  This article raises important points — plan for the long-term and don’t let taxes direct the planning over more important goals — plus it’s a good review of the many benefits of life insurance. But as I’ve previously noted, the estate...

Taxation of Aliens Trying to Leave America – Don’t Go Home without your IRS Sailing Permit or You Aren’t Coming Back

  Article authored by my friend Brian Dooley, a top international tax expert: Before leaving the United States or any of its possessions permanently or for an extended amount of time, all U.S. resident aliens and nonresident aliens (with certain exceptions) must prove...

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