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REQUIRES: FREE or higher membership. DO NOT CONFUSE THIS ONLINE COURSE WITH OUR LIVE CCW CLASS. This online course is optional, designed for review and exam purposes, and is not a substitute for attending our live course for the California License to Carry a Concealed Weapon (CCW).

Module 1 Handgun Safety
Unit 1 Video: Handgun Safety (CCW, Module 1)
Module 2 Handgun Operation
Unit 1 Video: Handgun Operation (CCW, Module 2)
Module 3 Defensive Ammunition
Unit 1 Video: Defensive Ammunition (CCW, Module 3)
Module 4 Handgun Shooting Fundamentals
Unit 1 Video: Handgun Shooting Fundamentals (CCW, Module 4)
Module 5 Safe Handling
Unit 1 Video: Safe Handling (CCW, Module 5)
Module 6 Statutes & Regulations
Unit 1 Video: Statutes & Regulations (CCW, Module 6)
Module 7 Civil & Criminal Liability
Unit 1 Video: Civil & Criminal Liability (CCW, Module 7)

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