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Module 1 Probate Code: Definitions and General Provisions
Unit 1 Probate Code Definitions (Div 1)
Unit 2 General Provisions (Div 2)
Unit 3 General Provisions of a Procedural Nature (Div 3)
Module 2 Probate Code: Protective Proceedings (Guardianship, Conservatorship, etc.) and Powers to Protect Wealth and Health
Unit 1 Definitions and General Provisions
Unit 2 Guardianship
Unit 3 Conservatorship
Unit 4 Provisions Common to Guardianship and Conservatorship
Unit 5 Public Guardian
Unit 6 Management or Disposition of Community Property Where Spouse Lacks Legal Capacity
Unit 7 Capacity Determinations and Health Care Decisions for Adult Without Conservator
Unit 8 Other Protective Proceedings
Unit 9 California Uniform Transfers to Minors Act
Unit 10 Powers of Attorney
Unit 11 Health Care Decisions
Module 3 Probate Code: Nonprobate Transfers
Unit 1 Effect of Death
Unit 2 Multi-Party Accounts
Unit 3 Uniform TOD Security Registration Act
Unit 4 Revocable Transfer on Death Deed
Unit 5 Gifts in View of Impending Death
Module 4 Probate Code: Wills and Intestate Succession
Unit 1 Wills
Unit 2 Intestate Succession
Unit 3 Family Protection (as the Code sees it, anyway)
Unit 4 Escheat of Decedent's Property
Module 5 Probate Code: Administration of Estates of Decedents
Unit 1 General Provisions
Unit 2 Opening of Estate Administration
Unit 3 Inventory and Appraisal
Unit 4 Creditor Claims
Unit 5 Estate Management
Unit 6 Independent Administration of Estates
Unit 7 Compensation of Personal Representative and Attorney for PR
Unit 8 Accounts
Unit 9 Payment of Debts
Unit 10 Distribution of Estate
Unit 11 Closing Estate Administration
Unit 12 Administration of Estates of Missing Persons Presumed Dead
Unit 13 Nondomiciliary Decedents
Module 6 Probate Code: Disposition of Estate Without Administration
Unit 1 Collection or Transfer of Small Estate Without Administration
Unit 2 Passage of Property to Surviving Spouse Without Administration
Module 7 Probate Code: Trust Law
Unit 1 General Provisions
Unit 2 Creation, Validity, Modification, and Termination of Trusts
Unit 3 Trustees and Beneficiaries
Unit 4 Trust Administration
Unit 5 Judicial Proceedings Concerning Trusts
Unit 6 Rights of Third Persons
Unit 7 Uniform Prudent Management of Institutional Funds Act
Unit 8 Payment of Claims, Debts, and Expenses from Revocable Trust of Deceased Settlor
Unit 9 Uniform Trust Decanting Act
Module 8 Probate Code: Proration of Taxes
Unit 1 Proration of Estate Taxes
Unit 2 Proration of Taxes on Generation-Skipping Transfer
Module 9 Probate Code: Construction of Wills, Trusts, and Other Instruments
Unit 1 Rules for Interpretation of Instruments
Unit 2 Perpetuities
Unit 3 No Contest Clause
Unit 4 Presumption of Fraud or Undue Influence
Unit 5 Abatement
Unit 6 Compliance with Internal Revenue Code
Unit 7 Family Protection: Omitted Spouses and Children
Unit 8 Contracts Regarding testamentary or Intestate Succession
Module 10 Related Codes
Unit 1 Civil Code
Unit 2 Family Code
Unit 3 Health and Safety Code
Unit 4 Penal Code (Firearms)

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