Do I need to update my estate plan?
REQUIRES: FREE or higher membership. This quick course will help you gauge whether it is time to meet with a qualified attorney for comprehensive review of your estate plan. REWARD BONUS: Upon completion, contact our office to receive special voucher good for two full days of training (your choice of pistol, rifle or shotgun) at the world's largest shooting school. (Offer limited to California residents.)
Module 1 Family Changes
You may need to update your estate plan due to changes in your family makeup and relationships.
Unit 1 Family Changes
Module 2 Property Changes
Your estate plan may need to be updated because of changes in your property. This may be merely a matter of funding your property into trust, or it may involve more substantial change to dispositions and plan structure, especially if the need for tax planning changes.
Unit 1 Property Changes
Module 3 Law Changes
You may need to update your estate plan due to changes in law affecting the asset protection and family protection objectives (for example, gun control and tax legislation, or decisions in trust-busting cases).
Unit 1 Law Changes
Estate Planning 101
REQUIRES: GOLD or higher membership. This self-paced online course covers the basics of foundational, comprehensive estate planning for California residents, including a quick introduction to some advanced topics.
Module 1 How to Select Trustees
The most important decision you will make in estate planning is that of trustee selection.
Unit 1 How to Select Trustees
Module 2 New Paradigm for Tax Planning
Passage of ATRA in 2013 brought forth a new paradigm for most estate plans, one requiring flexibility to shield families from income tax as well as estate tax.
Unit 1 New Paradigm for Tax Planning
Module 3 Perils of Joint Tenancy
Among married couples in California, joint tenancy is the most common manner of holding title to real property. Joint tenancy is known as a "poor man's estate plan" because it can be a simple way to transfer property at death, yet the many problems that can result from planning this way make joint tenancy a horrible choice for most families.
Unit 1 Perils of Joint Tenancy
Module 4 What the Heck is a Gun Trust?
We believe every family--at least every gun-owning family--should consider having a separate gun trust, especially if they are serious about carrying on the firearm legacy.
Unit 1 What the Heck is a Gun Trust?
Module 5 Reassessment and Estate Planning
Reassessment issues can explode like landmines. Study this issue carefully so your survivors will not be forced to pay huge increases in property taxes.
Unit 1 Intro to Reassessment
Unit 2 Reassessment and Individuals
Unit 3 Reassessment and Entities
California CCW Online Review Course
REQUIRES: FREE or higher membership. DO NOT CONFUSE THIS ONLINE COURSE WITH OUR LIVE CCW CLASS. This online course is optional, designed for review and exam purposes, and is not a substitute for attending our live course for the California License to Carry a Concealed Weapon (CCW).
Module 1 Handgun Safety
Handgun Safety
Unit 1 Video: Handgun Safety (CCW, Module 1)
Module 2 Handgun Operation
Handgun Operation
Unit 1 Video: Handgun Operation (CCW, Module 2)
Module 3 Defensive Ammunition
Defensive Ammunition
Unit 1 Video: Defensive Ammunition (CCW, Module 3)
Module 4 Handgun Shooting Fundamentals
Handgun Shooting Fundamentals
Unit 1 Video: Handgun Shooting Fundamentals (CCW, Module 4)
Module 5 Safe Handling
Safe Handling
Unit 1 Video: Safe Handling (CCW, Module 5)
Module 6 Statutes & Regulations
Statutes & Regulations
Unit 1 Video: Statutes & Regulations (CCW, Module 6)
Module 7 Civil & Criminal Liability
Civil & Criminal Liability
Unit 1 Video: Civil & Criminal Liability (CCW, Module 7)
Code Review
Review of code relevant to estate planning. Requires GOLD or higher membership; call for access.
Module 1 Probate Code: Definitions and General Provisions

Review of California Probate Code, Divisions 1-3.

Unit 1 Probate Code Definitions (Div 1)
Unit 2 General Provisions (Div 2)
Unit 3 General Provisions of a Procedural Nature (Div 3)
Module 2 Probate Code: Protective Proceedings (Guardianship, Conservatorship, etc.) and Powers to Protect Wealth and Health

Review of California Probate Code, .

Unit 1 Definitions and General Provisions
Unit 2 Guardianship
Unit 3 Conservatorship
Unit 4 Provisions Common to Guardianship and Conservatorship
Unit 5 Public Guardian
Unit 6 Management or Disposition of Community Property Where Spouse Lacks Legal Capacity
Unit 7 Capacity Determinations and Health Care Decisions for Adult Without Conservator
Unit 8 Other Protective Proceedings
Unit 9 California Uniform Transfers to Minors Act
Unit 10 Powers of Attorney
Unit 11 Health Care Decisions
Module 3 Probate Code: Nonprobate Transfers

Review of California Probate Code, Division 5.

Unit 1 Effect of Death
Unit 2 Multi-Party Accounts
Unit 3 Uniform TOD Security Registration Act
Unit 4 Revocable Transfer on Death Deed
Unit 5 Gifts in View of Impending Death
Module 4 Probate Code: Wills and Intestate Succession

Review of California Probate Code, Division 6.

Unit 1 Wills
Unit 2 Intestate Succession
Unit 3 Family Protection (as the Code sees it, anyway)
Unit 4 Escheat of Decedent's Property
Module 5 Probate Code: Administration of Estates of Decedents

Review of California Probate Code, Division 7.

Unit 1 General Provisions
Unit 2 Opening of Estate Administration
Unit 3 Inventory and Appraisal
Unit 4 Creditor Claims
Unit 5 Estate Management
Unit 6 Independent Administration of Estates
Unit 7 Compensation of Personal Representative and Attorney for PR
Unit 8 Accounts
Unit 9 Payment of Debts
Unit 10 Distribution of Estate
Unit 11 Closing Estate Administration
Unit 12 Administration of Estates of Missing Persons Presumed Dead
Unit 13 Nondomiciliary Decedents
Module 6 Probate Code: Disposition of Estate Without Administration

Review of California Probate Code, Division 8.

Unit 1 Collection or Transfer of Small Estate Without Administration
Unit 2 Passage of Property to Surviving Spouse Without Administration
Module 7 Probate Code: Trust Law

Review of California Probate Code, Division 9.

Unit 1 General Provisions
Unit 2 Creation, Validity, Modification, and Termination of Trusts
Unit 3 Trustees and Beneficiaries
Unit 4 Trust Administration
Unit 5 Judicial Proceedings Concerning Trusts
Unit 6 Rights of Third Persons
Unit 7 Uniform Prudent Management of Institutional Funds Act
Unit 8 Payment of Claims, Debts, and Expenses from Revocable Trust of Deceased Settlor
Unit 9 Uniform Trust Decanting Act
Module 8 Probate Code: Proration of Taxes

Review of California Probate Code, Division 10.

Unit 1 Proration of Estate Taxes
Unit 2 Proration of Taxes on Generation-Skipping Transfer
Module 9 Probate Code: Construction of Wills, Trusts, and Other Instruments

Review of California Probate Code, Division 11.

Unit 1 Rules for Interpretation of Instruments
Unit 2 Perpetuities
Unit 3 No Contest Clause
Unit 4 Presumption of Fraud or Undue Influence
Unit 5 Abatement
Unit 6 Compliance with Internal Revenue Code
Unit 7 Family Protection: Omitted Spouses and Children
Unit 8 Contracts Regarding testamentary or Intestate Succession
Module 10 Related Codes

Codes related to Probate Code.

Unit 1 Civil Code
Unit 2 Family Code
Unit 3 Health and Safety Code
Unit 4 Penal Code (Firearms)