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At The Daily Wire, conservative commentator Matt Walsh pushed back against both liberals’ casting complaints and conservatives’ relative silence on Disney’s continued normalization of homosexuality.

“Leftists […] have been handed another significant cultural victory — the injection of explicit homosexuality into a mainstream family film — and they still find some pedantic reason to turn up their noses,” Walsh wrote, like a “football team that wins 70-3 and then cries that the game was rigged against them because the other team was able to put up a field goal.

Meanwhile, he lamented that “even religious conservatives” have “simply accepted that the Left’s sexual agenda will be infused into everything,” and predicted many would “probably take their kids to watch the film, and then they’ll come home and resume their complaints about bias in the media.

“This is the crucial difference between the Right and the Left,” Walsh concluded. “One has basically surrendered the culture and willingly handed their children over to it, and the other is so used to their own domination that they cannot tolerate even the slightest perceived offense.”

Source: Disney to feature first-ever openly gay character in upcoming ‘family’ film | News | Lifesitenews

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