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Hiding your gun in the car so your kids don’t have access to it is, in of itself, a recipe for disaster. You can get a custom concealed compartment installed into your vehicle that’s operated by a keypad or a key FOB but even that’s just an expensive delay to the inevitable. Children have to be educated about guns if they are to be counted on to respect them.

There’s two places a gun should be while you’re in a car with a child:

  • On your body, secure in a holster.
  • Locked in a case, unloaded.

There is no sense in hiding a gun from a child because that’s a security risk. Your attention will be on getting to your destination safely. Your child’s attention will not be. And as we’ve seen through countless stories in the news, like the event we described with the mother and her son, it only takes one mistake to result in tragedy or damage.

Source: How To Hide Your Gun From Your Kids In The Car – USA Carry