Does your estate plan protect your family?

Beware of non-attorneys and high-volume trust mill attorneys using a “cookie cutter” approach to drafting.  Mere word processing cannot fully protect your family.

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Does your plan conform to the new paradigm?

Hitler finds out last week was National Estate Planning Awareness Week, and in the process updates us on the American Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012 (ATRA).

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Who will make decisions when you cannot?

When incapacity strikes, who will make financial decisions? health care decisions? raise your kids? manage trust assets? There is no “trust police” so choose wisely…

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How do you hold title to your home?

If you are like most married couples in California, you hold title to your home as Joint Tenants, which can lead to some very bad consequences.  Holding title in trust is usually much better for you and your family.

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Safety within the castle.



Provide a fortified safety net to protect your family against taxes, creditors, predators, and possible spendthrift behavior.


avoid family contact with balance



Avoid leaving a legacy of family conflict by thinking issues through, communicating your plan, and observing reaction.


Enjoy peace of mind with estate planning.

Peace of Mind


Rest happily in life and beyond, knowing you have done everything to keep your family intact, secure and prosperous.






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