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Our estate planning seminar is a little different.

We take Family Protection seriously.  Trustee gun training included!

Free Laser Gun Practice

High-tech range simulator!

Free Dry Gun Practice

You never have to touch a real firearm!

Free Concealed Carry Class

Carry a gun in more than 30 states!

Estate Planning has never been so fun.

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Good estate plans protect families.

Legacy is 90% training and 10% giving.  Train your family, and you will preserve it.  Teach your family to train others, and you may change the world.  You determine the values to be passed on to your family.  Firearm training, for example.  (Kids use guns to defend selves, family.)

Family Protection

Family Protection is the ultimate objective of most estate plans.

Our mission is the transmission of Life, Fortune, and Honor, for the preservation of Family Power.

Asset Protection

You can protect your family’s fortune in a number of ways.  Most families benefit from custom planning to provide asset protection to surviving spouse and children.  Some families require additional planning.

Venture Protection

Protecting your family also involves protecting your business from inside and outside liability, developing an exit strategy and/or planning for business succession, particularly if the business is integral to a family mission.

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