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Good teamwork depends on good service from each and every team member.

If you are an advisor who cares enough about your clients to continually educate yourself about estate planning, beyond the minimum requirements of your profession (as indicated by your attendance at our free seminars and workshops) we may be interested in introducing you to some of our clients.

And if you demonstrate your focus on Family Protection by taking our free concealed carry training, we will place you on our list of Ambassadors empowered more fully to help others carry on a legacy of training descendants to achieve the comfort of skill at arms.

We cannot compensate you for referring legal business, but we do heavily incentivize attendance at our free estate planning seminars. If you explain these opportunities to your clients and help them understand, based on training you receive, how they can benefit from good estate planning, your clients will be very grateful. Instead of “files” you will have “clients” more likely to seek advice because you have taken time to build a relationship of trust.

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