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estate planning for gun owners
estate planning strategies book

Another large shipment of books arrived!

Clients who participate in our Client Maintenance Plan get my “Estate Planning Strategies” book free.

And my maintenance plan itself is free if you pass the handgun skills test using the free training i provide.

WealthCounsel attorney colleagues across the nation bring you this valuable planning resource!

I wrote the chapter on “Estate Planning for Gun Owners” and my colleagues wrote the other great chapters to help you improve your plan over time.

Comprehensive estate planning that truly protects your family is expensive.

It gives you peace of mind. Nothing more, and nothing less.

But that peace of mind is fleeting without our Client Maintenance Plan.

Other free benefits include:

  • instant access to health documents in emergencies
  • family access to digital assets
  • successor trustee manual
  • annual reviews
  • monthly private dry practice and funding checkup

Check out details here.

Again, all of this is free if you pass our handgun skills test and we provide that training free as well.

estate planning strategies book