Kids Using Guns to Defend Themselves (and others)


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Montana: Teenage Boy Shoots Man Trying to Break Into House

Story here.

Louisiana 12-year-old Shoots, Kills Armed Intruder Attacking Mom

Story here.

North Carolina 12-year-old shoots intruder, killing him during armed robbery

Story here.

Lifeguard, Age 17, Shoots Three Convicts in Self-Defense with AR, Killing Two and Maiming Third

Story here.

Teenager opens fire on three armed men after attempted burglary, killing one

Story here.

Boy, Age 13, Shoots Man Assaulting Grandmother

Story here.

14-year-old girl fires gun to save sisters from intruder

Story here.

Orange County Boy, 11, Strikes Burglar with Machete [Not gun, though bonus points for close contact weapon]

Story here.

Fresno teen kills his father to protect his mom, sheriff’s office says

Story here.

Girl age 16 stabbed by an intruder fights back with a gun in Spanaway

Story here.

Woman being choked by boyfriend is saved when son gets gun, daughter age 15 shoots, kills man

Stories here, here.


[Before moving on to the success stories, take a moment to read this account of the classic California case of kids killed because their parents complied with a law encouraging them to lock up their guns, even though the kids were trained to use them.]

Here are just a few examples of kids using guns to defend themselves and their families:

[Also see this historical example from the 1800s: armed schoolchildren saving their teacher]

[Animal attacks: Stories frequently appear of kids using guns to defend themselves against animals. While important to note these cases, they are not generally listed here.  However, here is an interesting story (with video) involving a teenage female competitive shooter facing an intruding bear: ] 

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