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BONUS: Attend our free estate planning seminar and get free training at Front Sight (world’s largest firearm school)!

Date/Time Event
11:30 am - 1:00 pm
Estate Planning Seminar
Protective Law Corporation, Grover Beach CA

Description of Events (Family Protection Clinic)

All events are free, but those with *asterisks* require membership upgrade:

  • Handgun Dry Practice
    • First session free, later sessions also free if you bring someone new
    • Drills include malfunction clearances, tactical and emergency reloads
  • Estate Planning Seminar
    • Free to attend (recommend you book a second free seat for your spouse)
    • Special incentives for attending, including free training at Front Sight (world’s largest shooting school, see video below)
    • Prepares you to get the most out of our free design meeting
    • Fast-paced, info-packed intro to estate planning, with advanced topics thrown in, plus a few things of interest to gun owners:
      • gun trusts
      • CA gun laws
      • how to obtain a CA concealed carry permit (CCW)
      • quick demo of basic unloading and loading of handgun
  • Concealed Carry Class
    • Free class, qualifies you to obtain a non-resident Concealed Firearm Permit issued by Utah which is recognized in over 30 states
    • Allows you, as a Californian, to carry a concealed firearm while traveling–but NOT in your own state.
    • PREREQUISITES–must attend these first:
      • Estate Planning Seminar (free)
      • To take our Concelaed Carry Class FREE OF CHARGE, you must either pass our basic handgun skills test, or provide evidence of attending a defensive handgun class at Front Sight. (You can get vouchers for free training at Front Sight simply by attending our seminars.) Otherwise, there is a $1000 tuition fee to take concealed carry training with us, and the training will be one-on-one in order to make sure we have time to train you on the basics.
  • *Laser Shooting Competition* [GOLD or CLIENT or CMP members]
    • same high-tech simulated range we test you on in concealed carry class, but this time you compete for small prizes
    • very accurate and challenging to all shooters
  • Miscellaneous Seminars, Workshops & other events
    • Depending on the event these may be open, or may require membership upgrade, or have other requirements, especially if held at a remote location rather than our office.

This short video illustrates some of the handgun drills we practice in our Family Protection Clinic, where in addition to firearm training you get a recap of California gun law and learn of recent developments in estate planning. You also learn how to apply for a California concealed carry license, plus you can take our free class for a permit that will let you carry concealed in over 30 states!

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And remember, you just have to attend our free estate planning seminar to get free training at this place:

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