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Payday for Patriots!

  • After registering for a free membership on this page, attend our free estate planning seminar which also includes some free handgun training (total 2 hours). We will give you a free 3x5 patriot flag (your choice of the above).
  • You will also get other valuable free incentives, for example: living will, guardians update, additional handgun training in our office including the class required for the California and Utah concealed carry licenses (together recognized in more than 30 states), lots of free training worth thousands of dollars at the world’s largest shooting school, Front Sight Firearms Training Institute, and of course lunch is provided. You also have a chance at getting a free basic estate plan if you can pass our handgun skills test. Details on all of the incentives here.
  • Absolutely no payment is required for these valuable gifts, our thanks to you for attending one of our seminars! (More benefits if you attend more seminars!)

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