Free Tea Party Patriot Flags - Orange County, California

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Payday for Patriots!

  • The first step is to register for free membership by filling out the short form on this page.
  • Next, attend our free 1.5 hour seminar for an estate planning update plus a little bit of firearm training.
  • After the seminar, we will give you a free 3x5 patriot flag (your choice of the above).
  • You will also get other valuable incentives, including a free living will, guardians update, free training at Front Sight Firearms Training Institute, and of course lunch is provided. Details here.
  • Absolutely no payment is required for these valuable gifts, our thanks to you for attending the seminar.

Our estate planning seminar is a little different.

We take Family Protection seriously.  Trustee gun training included!

Free Laser Gun Practice

High-tech range simulator!

Free Dry Gun Practice

You never have to touch a real firearm!

Free Concealed Carry Class

Carry a gun in more than 30 states!



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