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What is the Problem with the California CCW Class?
The problem is that state law prohibits instructors from requiring more than 16 hours of instruction. We believe that is inadequate, especially in a class format, to transform a new shooter into a well-regulated, unconsciously competent defensive shooter. The only true path to attaining comfort of skill at arms is to engage in many hours (a lot more than 16) of perfect dry practice, in addition to live fire practice and other instruction.

Our Solution: Virtually Unlimited FREE Training!

We have a solution to dangerously inadequate CCW classes: virtually unlimited FREE training, both at our office and at Front Sight, the world’s largest shooting school.

How can you provide all this training FREE?!

By providing all of our free training, plus the valuable free Front Sight training and other incentives, we are really paying you to sit and learn about estate planning so you can educate others about the importance of planning, as well as training, for family protection. We want you to feel as passionate about estate planning as you are about firearms, and spread this passion to others. We want you to come back for more education and bring your entire neighborhood with you! We NEVER want you to feel “sold” — we never do any selling at our educational events. Selling occurs at your free design meeting, should you wish to participate in one of those (totally up to you, whenever you are ready).

The GUNTRUST® Course

California residents only:

Get 76 full days* of free firearm training at Front Sight, the world’s largest shooting school, just for watching our free webinar! Use them yourself, or transfer to friends and family.

[* includes the following free class vouchers: 4 vouchers for 4-day Defensive Handgun, 4 vouchers for 2-day Defensive Handgun, 4 vouchers for 4-day Practical Rifle, 4 vouchers for 2-day Practical Rifle, 4 vouchers for 4-day Tactical Shotgun, 4 vouchers for 2-day Tactical Shotgun, plus one voucher that is good for any of these classes.]

Step ONE: Quick Intake Form

Complete this short intake form indicating your interest in the free training — takes only a few seconds!

Step TWO: Short Webinar

Simply watch our recorded webinar, Estate Planning for Family Protection:

(Total viewing time: 51 minutes)

free estate planning seminar

If you are married, it’s best to watch this together with your spouse.

Step THREE: Attend Front Sight -- ON US

Contact us to let us know you watched the webinar, and we’ll send you instructions to receive your 76 days of free Front Sight training!

Optional: Unlimited FREE Front Sight Training

AFTER attending Front Sight (at least one handgun class), be sure to attend the free Advanced Dry Practice held at our office and we’ll give you a LARGE amount of additional free Front Sight training.

We cannot advertise details per Front Sight’s rules, but you’ll be glad you attended. (And you will certainly kick yourself if you don’t. We’ve actually seen people kicking themselves when they don’t, and it’s not a pretty sight. Don’t be that person.)

If you are just too far from our office to attend, contact us for alternatives — we’ll make it work.

As always, none of our free gifts require that you hire us, or buy anything.


"Nothing is as powerful as an idea whose time has come." --Victor Hugo

LawNews.TV® was an idea ahead of its time. Created in the year 2000 by Attorney David Duringer to deliver legal information and counsel over the internet, the service used cutting edge technology of the time such as Webex to conduct highly productive, content-rich web meetings. But the practice was mainly local at that time and people naturally prefer meeting in person, so apart from our periodic LawNews.TV® newsletters and webinars, the web meeting aspect of the service was used mainly by clients residing in Washington State or more remote areas of California, or clients confined to their homes.

Fast forward to 2020: Everyone is confined to their homes. Plus we moved our main office to the Central Coast, so everyone is remote.

LawNews.TV® ... an idea whose time has come!

Will people learn to love confinement? Let's hope not. Let's hope we can all get back to normal social life ASAP. We do have satellite offices throughout California, used mainly for signings. But whenever you want to save time and enjoy our unique in-house counsel service with a productive web meeting,

LawNews.TV® is there for you. Try it out for free!

Free planning meeting to protect your family.Free firearm training to protect your family.

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