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What is the Problem with the California CCW Class?

The problem is that state law prohibits instructors from requiring more than 16 hours of instruction. We believe that is inadequate, especially in a class format, to transform a new shooter into a well-regulated, unconsciously competent defensive shooter. The only true path to attaining comfort of skill at arms is to engage in many hours (a lot more than 16) of perfect dry practice, in addition to live fire practice and other instruction.

Our Solution: Virtually Unlimited FREE Training!

We have a solution to dangerously inadequate CCW classes: virtually unlimited FREE training, both at our office and at Front Sight, the world’s largest shooting school.

How can you provide all this training FREE?!

By providing all of our free training, plus the valuable free Front Sight training and other incentives, we are really paying you to sit and learn about estate planning so you can educate others about the importance of planning, as well as training, for family protection. We want you to feel as passionate about estate planning as you are about firearms, and spread this passion to others. We want you to come back for more education and bring your entire neighborhood with you! We NEVER want you to feel “sold” — we never do any selling at our educational events. Selling occurs at your free design meeting, should you wish to participate in one of those (totally up to you, whenever you are ready).

Get valuable, free training!

The GUNTRUST® Course

Step 1: Register for FREE Membership

Simply contact us to let us know you are interested in this free training.  We will set you up with a “” FREE membership (free user account required to RSVP for training events managed on this site).

Step 2: Attend FREE Estate Planning Seminar

Attending this seminar is the prereq and starting point for our free concealed carry training. The seminar is an hour and a half long, and includes a bit of handgun dry practice. You can see the events calendar (Protect.FM) without logging in, but you must log in (see nav bars, top and bottom) before you can access the individual event pages to RSVP. Just for attending the seminar, you will receive special incentives including free training at Front Sight, the world’s largest shooting school. 

Step 3: Attend Front Sight -- ON US

The voucher we give you, for attending our free estate planning seminar, lets you attend a two-day defensive handgun class at Front Sight.

Step 4: Attend our FREE Advanced Dry Practice

After attending Front Sight, you should have no problem passing the basic handgun skills test we administer at the free Advanced Dry Practice held at our office.

Step 5: Compete in our FREE "guntrust Challenge" event

By participating in our FREE “guntrust Challenge” event (part quiz show, part shooting competition), and authorizing use of video in our advertising, you can receive virtually unlimited free admission to Front Sight’s regular classes — plus you can win high-tier Private Training at Front Sight, which can help you to quickly advance to Distinguished Graduate level, or possibly even Handgun Combat Master.

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