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Orange County residents: Attend our FREE training to get virtually unlimited gun classes at Front Sight (world’s largest shooting school), plus our OCSD-approved California CCW class, plus high-tier Private Training at Front Sight, plus something so stupendous it cannot be advertised — ALL FREE!

SLO County residents: Attend our FREE training to get virtually unlimited gun classes at Front Sight (world’s largest shooting school), plus special discounts with other SLO trainers, plus high-tier Private Training at Front Sight, plus something so stupendous it cannot be advertised — ALL FREE!

How do I get a California CCW?
We understand it can be exciting at first to get licensed to carry a concealed weapon. But some are so excited they start off applying right away with their local sheriff and then the application process goes so quickly these days that they take just the minimum required training to get their license as soon as possible. They can always get more training later, but many don’t. And if new to firearms, they may even waste money rushing to buy a pistol that is not right for them, simply because they haven’t had enough training and practice to know the options and compare. Their instructor may have even made a little extra on that transaction, somehow. Some people need to get armed ASAP, but for most applicants we think it is better to take advantage of the huge amount of FREE training we offer first. It may even strengthen your application in some ways, although Califonia limits required training to a maximum number of hours. Regardless, you will be better qualified, more confident and more competent in carrying.
How does a California CCW help me?
In your home or place of business, you don’t need a California license to Carry a Concealed Weapon (CCW). People have guns to defend their homes, so obviously training helps even if you don’t get a CCW. But in California, you need a California CCW if you want to carry in public. Unless restricted by the issuing sheriff (not a problem currently), the California CCW is good all over California, not just in your county of residence. So it’s good in the wild, wild jurisdictions of SF and LA. The California CCW can also help you carry in other states that recognize it (even though California will not recognize the permits of other states). Currently (you are responsible for verifying), these are the states that recognize the California CCW:

  • Alabama
  • Alaska
  • Arizona
  • Arkansas
  • Idaho
  • Indiana
  • Iowa
  • Kansas
  • Kentucky
  • Michigan
  • Mississippi
  • Missouri
  • Montana
  • Nebraska
  • North Carolina
  • Ohio
  • Oklahoma
  • South Dakota
  • Tennessee
  • Texas
  • Utah
  • Vermont
  • Virginia
  • Wisconsin

That’s 24 states, in addition to California. Notice Nevada’s not on the list. You can solve that problem (and pick up a few other states) by taking our Utah supplemental class after you take our California CCW class. Again, all of our training is free.

How does your UNLIMITED FREE TRAINING help me?

You need training. We all do. And you get virtually unlimited free firearm training under our GUNTRUST® course of instruction, in addition to training in estate planning, to further protect your family and transmit an effective firearm legacy. Here is why the GUNTRUST® course is unique:

  • Our basic initial and renewal California CCW classes are rigorous and packed with information, but we don’t stop there;
  • We also include a Utah supplement course for a permit that allows you to carry in an additional eight (8) states (currently — you are responsible for verifying before travel), in addition to those recognizing the California CCW (for a total of 33 states including California):
    • Delaware
    • Georgia
    • Louisiana
    • NEVADA
    • North Dakota
    • Washington
    • West Virginia
    • Wyoming
  • Why is NEVADA capitalized? You’ll be going there a lot to take advantage of the virtually unlimited free training we give you at Front Sight, the world’s largest shooting school. Each time you attend our free Estate Planning Seminar and participate in free dry practice afterward, we will give you more free training at Front Sight! Come back as often as you wish! Bring friends! (Details here.)
How can you provide all of this for FREE?!

Well it’s not technically free since your time is valuable and to get into our “free” CCW class we require that you first attend our free estate planning seminar, plus attend a class at Front Sight (or pass a skills test). [If you don’t want to satisfy these prereqs, we will offer you individualized private training for $1500.] By providing all of our free training, plus the valuable free Front Sight training and other incentives, we are really paying you to sit and learn about estate planning so you can educate others about the importance of planning, as well as training, for family protection. We want you to feel as passionate about estate planning as you are about firearms, and spread this passion to others. We want you to come back for more education and bring your entire neighborhood with you! We NEVER want you to feel “sold” — we never do any selling at our educational events. Selling occurs at your free design meeting, should you wish to participate in one of those (totally up to you, whenever you are ready).

Get valuable, free training!

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Step 1: Register for FREE Membership

Simply call 888-WAY-WILL or email to let us know you are interested in this free training.  We will set you up with a “” FREE membership (free user account required to RSVP for training events managed on this site).

Step 2: Attend FREE Estate Planning Seminar

One prereq for our free CCW class is attending our free Estate Planning Seminar. The seminar is an hour and a half long, and includes a bit of handgun dry practice. You can see the events calendar (Protect.FM) without logging in, but you must log in (see nav bars, top and bottom) before you can access the individual event pages to RSVP. Just for attending the seminar, you will receive special incentives including free training at Front Sight, the world’s largest shooting school (which, BTW, is another prereq if you want all this free — see Step 3). 

Step 3: Attend Front Sight on us! (or pass skills test)

To take our CCW class free of charge, you must first attend Front Sight’s introductory 2-day Defensive Handgun (or higher) class, or pass our basic handgun skills test.  [We give you virtually unlimited Front Sight training free of charge, just for attending our seminars and referring others.] Any Front Sight handgun course completion certificate will suffice, no matter how old, and we are NOT requiring that you pass Front Sight’s skills test. By law, we cannot require you to train more than 16 hours, so if you do not want to satisfy this requirement, we will offer you individualized private training for a flat tuition of $1500, to ensure you get enough repetitive training in safe gun handling.

Step 4: Attend FREE California CCW Class

Although as a registered FREE member you can go ahead and RSVP from our events calendar to attend our free California CCW class (Orange County residents only), your RSVP will remain pending and will not be confirmed until you attend at least one of our estate planning seminars, and provide evidence that you have attended training at Front Sight (or pass our skills test). (Don’t confuse our in-office CCW class with our online California CCW course, which is for review and exam purposes (completion of the online course allows you to skip the written exam at the end of the in-office class, so you can leave a bit early). We are approved by the Orange County Sheriff’s Dept (OCSD) to offer both initial and renewal classes for the California CCW, and do so at least once per month. (If you fail to show up to our CCW class after confirmed, a fee will be required to reschedule.) [SLO County residents: while we do not provide the required CCW class for SLO County residents, we do partner with SLO County authorized trainers who offer a substantial discount to those who participate in our concealed carry training. Regardless what county you reside in, you are welcome to take advantage of the free training we offer.]

Step 5: Keep Training! (FREE, on us)

Regardless what county you reside in, you can continue to benefit from the free concealed carry training we offer. And if you are an OC resident, you can also take our free California CCW Class as we are an OCSD-approved CCW trainer. OCSD has indicated you can apply with them for a California CCW up to six months after taking our class. USE THIS TIME WELL. Please resist the urge to apply right after our class! Instead focus on developing your skills further with more free dry practice at our office, and with the thousands of dollars’ worth of free live fire training we give you at the world’s largest shooting school. (EACH TIME YOU ATTEND ONE OF OUR FREE WEEKLY LUNCH SEMINARS, OR REFER A STUDENT, WE WILL GIVE YOU ANOTHER VOUCHER FOR A FREE 2-DAY DEFENSIVE HANDGUN CLASS AT FRONT SIGHT.) Defensive handgun skills are perishable and we all must continue to train just to maintain proficiency. Demonstrate to the sheriff you have a passionate commitment to training, and it may help with getting approved! Certainly, you will more likely carry. People who do not train beyond the pathetic statutory minimums may strap on a pistol and for a short while feel invincible, but soon the risks become apparent and the responsibility weighs in and they carry seldom or not at all, or (hopefully) they get more training. We suggest you first train heavily for a few months to attain the comfort of skill at arms, so that comfort and confidence is evident at your interview with the sheriff.

Step 6: Apply for California CCW

Most states are “shall-issue” but California’s statutory law gives your county sheriff or municipal police chief discretion over whether you can carry a firearm concealed in public. Most cities contract with their county sheriff to handle this political hot potato. Although CCW issuance policies have been historically volatile, the Orange County Sheriff’s Department (OCSD) seems to have settled on a relatively liberal issuance policy so long as the application has been carefully assembled with attention to detail. Always go to the CCW section on OCSD’s site for the most current policies and procedures.  [SLO County residents must first apply with the police chief of their city of residence, and policies vary. If the application is denied by the police chief, application can then be made with SLO County’s sheriff.]

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