FPC #4: Legacy of Firearm Training

Legacy is ninety percent training. What could be more important, under the American concept of ordered liberty, than a family with a legacy of firearm training?

  • Must your assault weapons die with you?
  • When is a gun trust necessary or useful?
  • Legacy of firearm training vs. passing hunks of metal
  • Have you ever experienced high quality firearm training? Most gun owners have not.
  • Without experiencing firearm training, how can you pass on a legacy of firearm training?
  • How do guns pass after death in California?
  • Is a post-mortem trust transfer of a firearm possible in California? Likely?
  • How can flexible planning to avoid gun control also aid in creating a legacy of firearm training?
  • “I trained my kids already” vs. perishable skills
  • Why did our militias perform so badly in the War of 1812?
  • Did the Founders love their children? did they train them?
  • Ever play the game of telephone?
  • Would a family constitution with objective, immutable performance criteria help?

This is one of the focus topics we present on a revolving basis at our weekly “guntrust Challenge” competitions — part shooting match, part quiz show.

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