Client Maintenance Program

Our Client Maintenance Program (CMP) is a special site membership category open to our law clients who, after completion of an estate planning engagement, continue with a limited engagement for the following benefits:

  • Free annual estate plan / document review (up to 2 hours, including detailed review of drafts)
  • Free annual trust funding review (up to 1 hour; ALL clients get free half hour annual trust funding checkup)
  • Free half-hour of PRIVATE dry handgun practice each month, during which we will answer any current questions you have about funding your trust (questions about document updates tend to be more complex and are best left to a dedicated review meeting)
  • Free access to CMP Tutorials
  • Free access to CMP Events
  • 50% discount for upgrade to Level 2 or Level 3 core planning (minimum 12 month participation)
  • 50% discount for Level 2 or Level 3 core redraft (minimum 12 month participation)
  • 50% discount off hourly rate for trust funding assistance
  • 10% off post-mortem trust administration fees
  • Free Firearm Safety Certificates for immediate family members

This program evolves over time and benefits are subject to change without notice. Clients may cancel participation at any time. CMP is designed to keep clients involved with estate planning as time goes on, for a nominal monthly fee of $25, in order to maximize the effectiveness of their plans and minimize overall cost and effort. (The monthly fee is WAIVED for the remainder of any calendar year in which a client passes our handgun skills test.)