Cookie-cutter plans are for cookies!

In estate planning, you want to CONTROL your property while you are able; CARE for your family while DISABLED; and give your property to WHOM you want, WHEN you want, the WAY you want; all while minimizing fees and taxes.

Feel lucky? Google “low price estate plan”:


Estate Plan Deficiencies Checklist

Protect.LIFE is your launchpad for:

  • Family Protection
  • Asset Protection
  • Venture Protection

Does your “estate plan” protect your family? Download our Estate Plan Deficiencies Checklist.

STEP ONE: Contact Us

The first step to Protect.LIFE is to simply contact us and request our general intake form (very short, takes a few seconds).

STEP TWO: Questionnaire

If you indicate an interest in Estate Planning on our general intake form (Step One), we will send you a link to our estate planning questionnaire which is also secure and encrypted.  With this questionnaire, we will schedule your initial design meeting.

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