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Does your “estate plan” protect your family? Download our Estate Plan Deficiencies Checklist.

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STEP ONE: Watch Webinar

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(six parts, totaling one hour)

STEP TWO: Contact Us

 Contact us and request our general intake form (very short, takes a few seconds).

STEP THREE: Questionnaire

If you indicate an interest in Estate Planning on our general intake form (Step Two), we will send you a link to our estate planning questionnaire which is also secure and encrypted.  With this questionnaire, we will schedule your initial Design Meeting, which is free of charge if you have watched our free webinar. With very few exceptions, we require all new estate planning clients to first attend our free webinar, which is packed with information and runs a little over an hour. After that, your private initial Design Meeting is for a maximum of one hour. A flat fee is quoted after a brief discussion based on the questionnaire you submit. Your plan is refined at one or more additional review meetings, according to the level of planning engaged. Feel free to call us if you have any questions about the process.

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