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STEP ONE: Estate Planning Webinar

To schedule your FREE initial design meeting (either at our OFFICE or via WEB), you must first watch our free 51-minute recorded “Estate Planning for Family Protection” webinar here:

This required step is intended to make your initial design meeting as productive as possible.

Potential clients need to input name and email so we can verify completion of this step. [Attorney colleagues (competing or not) and others interested in viewing are welcome to watch on our Rumble channel, or on YouTube if that thing is still working.]

WARNING: This webinar is packed with information, and may cause some to delay their planning as they mull over various issues presented. That is not the desired effect. You are not expected to learn everything that is mentioned in the video, or resolve issues on your own. The webinar introduces you to a wide variety of issues and solutions so that you have at least heard these concepts once before your free design meeting. This makes the meeting far more productive, if we meet soon afterward. Please schedule your free design meeting while issues are fresh in mind.

free estate planning seminar

(Total viewing time: 51 minutes)

STEP TWO: Estate Planning Priorities Quiz

Once you have watched the webinar, fill out our Estate Planning Priorities Quiz — it’s multiple choice, only takes a few minutes. This “quiz” is not a test of knowledge; it is merely a quick inventory of your priorities in estate planning and will serve as a framework for our first meeeting.

STEP THREE: Design Process (OFFICE or WEB)

After we receive your Estate Planning Priorities Quiz, we will contact you to schedule your initial design meeting (via Zoom or at our office). A flat fee is quoted at the end of the meeting. If you decide to proceed, your plan is refined at one or more additional review meetings, according to the level of planning engaged. (Although remote signings are possible, final documents are usually signed at our office and we record deeds electronically at the signing meeting.)


We seek clients who are serious about Asset Protection, Venture Protection, and most of all, Family Protection. Maybe that means you train your kids on guns, maybe not. An unfortunate reality is that some people should not have guns (or trusts, for that matter). There are many ways to protect your family, and we will help you consider all options.

**OPTIONAL** Webinar for GUN OWNERS:

While the video in STEP ONE (Estate Planning for Family Protection) is required for potential clients, the video below on California Gun Trust Planning is optional (recommended for all California gun owners). This player requires entry of your Name and Email, and you will be added as a free member so you can RSVP for free training and receive our newsletter. If you would rather not enter your name and email, you are welcome to view the video on our Rumble channel (or on YouTube, if that thing is still working).

An estate plan only provides peace of mind if it is comprehensive and updated regularly.

Our optional client maintenance plan (CMP) is only $25/month*

(Well worth it, as you can see from the list of benefits.)

*But it’s FREE if you pass the handgun skills test at our free training.


"Nothing is as powerful as an idea whose time has come." --Victor Hugo

LawNews.TV® was an idea ahead of its time. Created in the year 2000 by Attorney David Duringer to deliver legal information and counsel over the internet, the service used cutting edge technology of the time such as Webex to conduct highly productive, content-rich web meetings. But the practice was mainly local at that time and people naturally prefer meeting in person, so apart from our periodic LawNews.TV® newsletters and webinars, the web meeting aspect of the service was used mainly by clients residing in Washington State or more remote areas of California, or clients confined to their homes.

Fast forward to 2020: Everyone is confined to their homes. Plus we moved our main office to the Central Coast, so everyone is remote.

LawNews.TV® ... an idea whose time has come!

Will people learn to love confinement? Let's hope not. Let's hope we can all get back to normal social life ASAP. We do have satellite offices located throughout California for clients who prefer to meet in person, but even local clients enjoy the flexibility of meeting with us over the web as their "in-house" counsel.

LawNews.TV® is there for you. Try it out for free!

Free planning meeting to protect your family.Free firearm training to protect your family.