FPC #11: Property Tax Reassessment

One of the hidden costs of cheap estate planning is the unexpected and very unpleasant surprise of property tax reassessment.

Periodically we focus on this topic at our free Family Protection Clinic. It’s an estate planning seminar, with revolving focus topics, including small snack lunch, held on most Tuesdays. Check our event calendar! We give away valuable incentives to encourage you to keep attending.

In addition to getting a valuable voucher for free handgun training at the world’s largest shooting school (details here) and satisfying the prereq for our free California concealed carry class (details here), this seminar will enable you to discuss the following issues with friends, family, and neighbors:

  • What is the limit placed on annual increases in assessed property values in California?
  • Under what circumstances may a property be reassessed?
  • What is a Change in Ownership? What are the statutory exclusions?
  • How are entities treated vs. individuals?
  • What are the Original Transferor rules concerning joint tenancy?
  • What are the rules for trusts?
  • How do the Parent/Child and Grandparent/Grandchild rules differ?
  • What are the exclusions for entities?
  • What is the 64(d) trap?
  • What are the pros and cons of holding realty in an entity?

So come visit our Family Protection Clinic(s) and gain expertise on estate planning and self-defense!

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