What Can Unearned Wealth Do To Your Kids?
Unearned wealth—even in modest amounts—can be a curse.  It can lead to loss of motivation, guilt, diminished self-esteem, arrogance, profligate spending, and other destructive behaviors.
Incentive Trust Planning is the Solution: Introducing... The F.I.R.S.T. Family Trust
Our Firearms Instruction and Responsible Stewardship Trust (F.I.R.S.T. Family Trust) includes custom incentive planning in such areas as these:

  • pursue an education at least through college or vocational school, not in excess, but as necessary preparation for career and life (for example, Trustee may in its discretion reward specific academic achievements);
  • be gainfully employed with a view toward being financially self-sufficient;
  • maintain career with continuing education;
  • be a law-abiding member of society;
  • actively train with firearms for defensive shooting and development as a firearms instructor, and regularly carry a firearm for family protection;
  • engage in regular estate planning, for family protection;
  • be a productive member of society by making meaningful and positive contributions to family, community, and society;
  • engage in religious activities;
  • engage in entrepreneurial activities;
  • engage in creative activities;
  • handle money responsibly and avoid wasteful spending (for example, Trustee, as a financial mentor to beneficiary, may in its discretion match retirement savings, assist with purchasing car/home/business/investments, evaluate stewardship of outright distributions free of trust);
  • act with empathy, thoughtfulness, kindness, and compassion toward others;
  • develop healthy and meaningful relationships;
  • build and maintain family by remaining married, staying at home to raise kids when necessary, and engaging in family recreation;
  • make contributions of time, money, or both to charity; and
  • maintain a physically and mentally healthy lifestyle.
It's a Free Country! - Remember hearing that?
It is sad when a parent who believes in the American trinity of “Liberty,” “In God We Trust,” and “E Pluribus Unum” has a child who believes that equality trumps liberty, that a secular America is preferable to a God-centered one, and that multiculturalism should replace the unifying American identity. – Dennis Prager
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Incentive Trust Planning

How Does Concealed Carrying of Weapons Affect Violent Crime?

Although most research finds that concealed carry reduces violent crime, several recent studies claim to show that concealed carry increases violent crime. In a new study linked here, Professors Lott and Moody analyze three possible causes for the supposed increase,...

Seven Types of Gun Trusts

Here is a quick overview of seven major types of gun trusts: Trust Mill NFA Trust: This is a "simple" (sometimes shockingly simple) "cookie-cutter" type boilerplate trust designed for purchase of firearms and/or suppressors regulated under the National Firearms Act...

Benitez Blasts Bonta’s Billy Ban as Unconstitutional

Federal Judge Roger Benitez in the case of Fouts v Bonta recently ruled California's longtime ban on billy clubs (defined vaguely and potentially including many types of objects, for example any stick intended as a weapon) as an unconstitutional infringement of our...

As Your Kids Consider Sterilization, Incentives Can Make a Vas Deferens

Increasingly, young adults are choosing permanent sterilization. Your estate plan can punish them for doing so. (Or reward them, whatever.) Not talking about transgender surgery. Big sterilization issue there obviously, but that was the subject of another recent post....

Crime Reports Plummet as Arrest Rates Plummet as Police Ignore Crime

Is violent crime really falling? Police have their hands full depriving you of your right to bear arms. Do you expect them to arrest real criminals that fight back? Not lately, and that is why there is a huge drop in the reporting of violent crime. No point in...

Americans Own a Billion Magazines, Over 70% Hold More Than Ten Rounds

More evidence that so-called "standard capacity" is not at all standard, and that so-called "high capacity" is actually standard: NSSF’s Detachable Magazine Report (1990-2021) found an estimated total of 963,772,000 ammunition magazines in circulation. Of those, an...

Another Mass Stabbing in a Nation (Australia) with Severe Gun Restrictions

Mass stabbing at Sydney shopping mall. Australia severely restricts the natural right to bear arms, and the result is what you would expect: six killed, many more injured. Stopped by a female police officer's gun, but not in time to prevent horrific death and...

85 year old Mom Kills Intruder with .357 Magnum

An 85-year-old Idaho mother, after an intruder apparently gave her a bloody strike in the head while she lay in bed and then handcuffed her to a chair in her living room, dragged herself (along with the chair) back into her bedroom to retrieve a .357 magnum revolver....

No Guns Used in 92% of Violent Crime

Guns are synonymous with violent crime in the minds of many. Why? Constant anti-gun propaganda. People are brainwashed. The reality is that 92% of violent crime does not involve any use of firearms in the commission of the crime. Guns are what violent criminals fear...

Suicide Risk Doubles with Transgender Surgery

California men who undergo transgender surgery (removing male genitals and replacing with something else) double their risk of suicide. How long will we continue to allow this demonic, macabre nonsense? Most children confused about what sex they are, grow out of that...

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