The BDOT Option for Trusted Beneficiaries

The Beneficiary Deemed Owner Trust (BDOT) is one of several options to consider for “trusted beneficiaries” (pun intended) to whom you are open to giving some access to trust income and/or principal. (Another option might be the Beneficiary Controlled...

Israelis with gun licenses should carry arms, says Prime Minister

Since the drive-by terrorist shootings in Bnei Brak a couple of days ago, which killed five people and ended with the terrorist’s death in a gun battle with two police officers, one of whom was killed, Israel has decided to be more proactive in defending against...

What would George Washington do in a Mass Shooting (or Ukraine)?

Mass Shooting First, the mass shooting scenario: Would George Washington run to the fire? Or would he simply call 911 and run to safety? None of us can know in advance whether we will be capable and willing to deliver heroism in such a situation. We can assume our...

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