FPC #9: Blended Families & Remarriage Protection

Often when I meet with blended families, they already sense the need for special planning due to their situation but are not aware of the many alternatives. Traditional families often overlook the very significant possibility, even probability in many cases, that they will become blended families in the future.

  • How might planning for blended families create or avoid conflict within blended families?
  • Should you be concerned that your surviving spouse, by changing his or her will, could disinherit your children?
  • Is a QTIP trust arising under one joint revocable trust a complete solution? or is a better result achieved with a three-trust arrangement?
  • What are the drawbacks of trying to provide separately for beneficiaries with separate assets and insurance policies?
  • Does trustee selection work any differently for blended families?
  • How might trust protectors help blended families?

    This is one of the focus topics we present on a revolving basis at our weekly “guntrust Challenge” competitions — part shooting match, part quiz show.

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