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It is no coincidence that this Forum is taking place during the hundredth anniversary of the apparitions of Our Lady at Fatima. Speaking to the three little shepherds and, through them, to the whole world, the Mother of God denounced the “errors of Russia” as the most dynamic feature of the revolutionary process that is destroying Christian Civilisation. She specifically pointed to the assault against the family as the cutting edge of these “errors.”

The destruction of the family is a key goal of the Communist movement. The first sexual revolution was launched by Vladimir Lenin, with laws legalising divorce (1918), abortion (1920) and euthanasia (1922). Lenin eradicated the old laws regarding sexual relations, effectively legalising homosexual activity within Russia. He also allowed men who were openly homosexual to serve in Government. In doing so, he was simply acting as a coherent communist.

In «The Origin of the Family, Private Property and the State», Friedrich Engels asserts that in the monogamous family lies the root of all evil, namely, the idea of “mine” (my wife, my husband), which gives rise to the private property of the means of production (capitalism) and, later, to the private property of authority (the State). Engels proposes promiscuous sexual intercourse, and even incest, as a means of breaking the idea of family based on “consanguinity,” turning it instead into a “pairing family,” which would usher mankind into the “next higher plane of society.”

Later, mixing Marxism and Freudianism, post-Marxist schools presented the destruction of the family as a necessary step in the revolutionary process of “liberation.” In his 1936 book «The Sexual Revolution – Sex and the Cultural War», Wilhelm Reich proposed the abolition of the family through widespread sexual promiscuity, including homosexuality, as a way “towards the socialist restructuring of humans.”

The family is considered the root of all the “alienations” from which man has to “liberate” himself. “The figure of the father – wrote Herbert Marcuse – is the archetype of every domination; it opens the chain reaction of slavery, rebellion and forced domination that characterises the history of civilisation.”

The so-called sexual “liberation,” therefore, is not a result of the Sixties, nor of the feminist movement, nor of the pro-choice and LGBT lobbies. It is a revolutionary scheme launched a century ago, that is now reaching a climax.

It is our strict moral duty to defend innocent human life and the sacred institution of the family, both for their intrinsic worth and as a way to preserve what remains of Christian Civilisation. The defence of the family is all the more important, as it is the primary place where the next generations are educated. Change the family and you will change the future.

Source: Duke Paul von Oldenburg: the proper role of parents in the formation of their children – Voice of the Family

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