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Step 1: Register

If not a “” member, simply contact us to let us know you are interested and we will set you up as a FREE member.

Step 2: Check our Events Calendar

Check out our Events Calendar and decide which seminar you want to attend first.

Step 3: RSVP for Seminar

At the events calendar, simply click on the seminar you want to attend. Then simply read about the event, scroll down, and be sure to click the box that says “Click here to RSVP”. (You won’t see that button unless you are logged in. You can log in on the event page, or using our navigation menus.)

What you get for attending…

1. An understanding of "Comprehensive Estate Planning"
Estate planning is a cost of doing family.

If you don’t understand estate planning, you don’t have an estate plan of your own — you have your attorney’s estate plan.

2. Free Estate Plan Design Meeting

Our initial Design Meeting is free of charge, if you have attended our seminar/webinar. (With very few exceptions, require all new estate planning clients to first attend our seminar or webinar.) The initial Design Meeting is a maximum of one hour long. A flat fee is quoted after a brief discussion based on the questionnaire you submit. The plan will be refined at one or more additional review meetings, according to the level of planning engaged.

3. FREE Concealed Carry Training

If you are only interested in estate planning, that’s fine with us — but you are also welcome to take advantage of the concealed handgun training we offer, totally free of charge! Attending one of our estate planning seminars is the starting point, where we introduce you to some basic dry practice (malfunction clearances, emergency and tactical reloads, 5-point draw). And every time you attend our free seminars, or refer others who attend, you get free training at the world’s largest shooting school (see below). We also offer additional advanced dry practice and concealed carry classes, and you can win even higher training at our “guntrust Challenge” event (part game show, part shooting competition).

4. Family Safe Forever -- FREE & Virtually Unlimited Firearm Training!

Details of this benefit are subject to change, but as you continue to attend our seminars and other events, and refer other students, you get virtually unlimited firearm training at the world’s largest firearm school, Front Sight Firearms Training Institute. See for an overview of our training program, designed to provide you and your family with the comfort of skill at arms.

Below is some detail on specific rewards offered for attending our events and referring other students who attend.

[NOTE: All voucher gifts described below, except BLUE vouchers or community group seminar incentives, are DOUBLED for GOLD (or higher) members.]

For example, each time you attend our Estate Planning Seminar (offered at least weekly), or one of our other events, you will receive a voucher good to attend a 2-day handgun class at Front Sight. (This basic 2-day voucher, while not redeemable for cash, is worth approximately $1000, considering cost of training at comparable schools.) Accumulate as many as you wish. You can exchange two 2-day vouchers for a 4-day class voucher.  (Additional prizes may be awarded at “guntrust Challenge” events, depending on performance.)

PLUS for each and every new student you refer who attends an Estate Planning Seminar, you will get a special 2-day voucher good for your choice of handgun, rifle, or shotgun. [IMPORTANT: For you to receive this, the student must list your name in the comment section when they RSVP for the seminar.]

We also do seminars for community groups.  If you help us arrange a seminar attended by at least 25 adults, in addition to the vouchers we transfer to each student, as described above, we will also treat you as referring each student, entitling you to a special voucher for each student attending, as described above.  In addition, as a bonus for arranging the seminar you will receive a single “BLUE” voucher which can be used to attend ANY regular class that Front Sight offers, including rope & rappel; chemical defense; edged weapons; higher level courses in handgun, rifle, or shotgun; or even the FULL AUTO classes in Select Fire M16 or Uzi Submachinegun.

All of these vouchers are transferable to your family, friends, neighbors, and clients.

You are responsible for keeping track of the vouchers you have earned, and you must claim them within 30 days of earning them.

There are additional vouchers available for equipment rental, and credits for payment of background check fees and machine gun fun shoots, usually at special events we organize. Watch for special bonus offers and attend seminars as often as you can.

There is absolutely no quid pro quo offered for referring legal business, but we are glad to generously reward you for referring people to our free educational seminars.

5. Free Client Maintenance Program

Existing clients only: Upon passing our basic handgun skills test, our $25/month Client Maintenance Program fee is waived for the remainder of that calendar year.

Attend our seminar and get FREE Training at THIS place (Front Sight):

Watch our free webinar “Estate Planning for Family Protection” and get thousands of dollars worth of free firearm training! (six parts totaling 1 hr — contact us after watching to receive your reward)

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