free estate planning seminar

VALUABLE REWARDS for an hour and a half (or maybe two hours) of your time:

  • Free Lunch (small snack lunch)
  • Free Advance Health Care Directive (Living Will)
  • Free Nomination of Guardians
  • PLUS, if you stay afterward for the optional half hour of handgun dry practice, you will receive a complimentary upgrade to GOLD membership, entitling you to:
    • FREE Concealed Carry Training (California and Utah permits, allowing carry in 33 states)
    • *FREE Defensive Handgun Training at Front Sight (world’s largest shooting school)
    • Come back again for repeated dry practice at our regular sessions, free if you bring someone new
    • FREE Advanced Tactical Handgun dry practice
    • FREE Firearm Safety Certificate (FSC) testing
    • FREE laser simulated range competitions

free firearm trainingFor the above rewards, including free defensive handgun training* at the world famous Front Sight Firearms Training Institute, simply:

  1. Register for a FREE “” membership (takes 20 seconds), and
  2. Attend the FREE Estate Planning Seminar (takes 1.5 hrs) at our office in Laguna Hills. [Choose among several variations of the seminar focusing on different topics, but each student limited to one set of rewards. See www.Protect.FM for event calendar.]

[*Adults only. Must first attend our free California CCW Class. Up to one 4-day class voucher annually (each calendar year), upon request and while supplies last; non-cumulative; voucher covers tuition but you are responsible for all other expenses including ammo, lodging, transportation, and background check. Current Front Sight members not eligible. The 4-day Front Sight course we provide annually for FREE is listed at $2000 on the Front Sight website. (For comparison, check similar pricing at Gunsite, another top-ranked firearm school.)]

Thousands of dollars worth of free firearm training

PLUS: GOLD or CMP members who attend our training may be eligible to receive an invitation from us to attend PRIVATE TRAINING at Front Sight free of charge (on a space available basis). Unlike the regular Front Sight classes which may have 30 or more students, Front Sight private training is limited to groups of 5 or less. This is a UNIQUE OPPORTUNITY not available to the general public.  (Front Sight charges $3000/day per person for this type of training, and our events run for two days.)  Great way to get good fast.

Contact us for details on other Front Sight training options.

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