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Jerry Lewis left the range today, age 91. One of my favorite comedians, inspiration for my brief career as a trial lawyer…RIP.

Many may be surprised to learn Jerry was for a time known as the #1 fastest gun in Hollywood, with Sammy Davis, Jr., trailing not far behind as #2. This, according to the late and legendary “Fastest Gun” Bob Munden whom I saw perform during a July 4th celebration at Front Sight over a decade ago. Lewis had a fast gun act in Vegas circa 1960.

During the 1950s there became a need in Hollywood for gun coaches and trainers for many of the movie actors who needed to become proficient with six-guns.  Arvo Ojala was the most popular coach to the stars and his pupils have become a ‘who’s who’ list of celebrities including Sammy Davis Jr., Frank Sinatra, Jerry Lewis, Dale Robertson, James Arness and Hugh O’Brian to name a few.  Arvo was also a noted maker of fast draw holsters, but he was most famous for getting gunned down by Marshal Matt Dillon in the

Source: History of Fast Draw & CFDA

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