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So what does this tell us about Gorsuch?  We don’t really know. Perhaps he liked the church and simply disregarded its politics.  Though I would think a constitutionalist might find the repeated emphasis on “rights” of refugees and “rights” to marriage for members of the same sex to be ridiculous if not unpleasant to repeatedly listen to.That’s why I wonder if Gorsuch may be sympathetic to some of these causes.  That can have an impact when he is on the court and ruling on matters such as marriage or global warming regulations or increased vetting of people from Muslim countries.I think, legitimately, if Reverend Wright’s comments made you put a question mark by Obama, the politics of St. John’s Episcopal Church might make you do the same with Neil Gorsuch.

Source: Blog: Are you concerned that Neil Gorsuch belongs to a far-left church?