Concealed Carry Drills using Airsoft

Concealed Carry Drills using Airsoft


12:00 pm - 1:00 pm


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Protective Law Corporation
895 Napa Ave Ste B4, Morro Bay, California, 93442

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This is a completely free event — a fun and challenging practice event using realistic airsoft replica handguns in our office.

Normally, prior attendance at a Front Sight handgun class is a prereq for attending this event (see here for prereqs and to get free Front Sight training). However, certain exceptions are made. Residents of Morro Bay, affiliated advisors, and GOLD members, are all exempt from prereqs.

Drills vary but may include 5-point draw, after-action drills, sul position, malfunction clearances, emergency and tactical reloads, one-handed drills. All skill levels welcome. Time pressure optional.

No need to bring any gear. Absolutely no firearms or ammo allowed (if you have a weapon, store it properly in your car during practice). Dress comfortably. Avoid wearing nice shoes (you might drop a magazine on them), but wear shoes that protect toes (again, the mags).

Deadline to RSVP: 4pm on day prior

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Bookings are closed for this event.