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Of course, the ultimate ease and effectiveness in shooting any gun and the resulting performance and accuracy are a blend of the shooter’s skills, thorough training, repetitive practice, and the gun itself. There is not one magic elixir nor a sole holy grail factor that will make a gun easier to shoot and be accurate. Many of us hone our skills through taking firearms courses, advanced skills training, and frequent practice throwing lead down range. Others insist on frequent gun features upgrades, the latest, greatest, and regular acquisition of everything firearm-related, equipment, and modification of parts of the gun itself, etc. Perhaps, all of these things individually and/or combined will make a handgun easier to shoot and accurate in our hands. But, I believe a large part of making any gun easier to shoot and accurate has a lot to do with the gun itself and its characteristics. So we can, when we buy our handgun, look for certain features and factors that it has, to help how well we shoot and handle the gun. To give us a “legup” at the start. While you probably have your own opinions about which handgun factors and features help with control, accuracy and performance, fit and function, what follows are mine.  Here are my 10 key handgun characteristics which I believe will give me (and most shooters) a shooting advantage, to combine with proper training and practice. I look for all 10 of them when I buy a handgun and relate them to my specific purpose and use for the gun. While not every one of my handguns has all of these features, most do. Do you have any you want to add? Here are mine.

Source: 10 Key Handgun Characteristics that Make Any Gun Easier to Shoot – USA Carry