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The list of states is growing, but Nevada is still king for most family situations, even before considering proximity to California.

On December 5, 2016, Michigan joined Alaska, Delaware, Nevada, Utah and South Dakota as one of the 17 states that permit the use of irrevocable self-settled asset protection trusts for purposes of creditor protection planning. Michigan’s Qualified Dispositions in Trusts Act (the “Act”) provides individuals seeking to shelter assets from future third party creditors with the option of utilizing a Michigan domestic asset protection trust (“DAPT”). Prior to the enactment of the Act, which is due to become effective on February 5, 2017, an individual desiring to establish a DAPT had to transfer his or her assets to a self-settled trust established and administered in one of the 16 other states that permit the use of irrevocable self-settled asset protection trusts.

Source: 2017 Creditor Protection Update: Protecting Your Assets with a “DAPT” | Clark Hill PLC – JDSupra