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Just so we’re clear — I don’t sell IRA’s, I draft trusts, including the type that will make your IRA’s actually work as intended.

Read the article, but keep in mind that although “trusteed IRAs” are an improvement over the standard custodial IRA, they are nowhere near as good as the “standalone retirement trust” or “IRA Protection Trust” we draft for clients who want the best asset protection for their beneficiaries.

One of the most common transfers of wealth that may lead to unintended consequences involves the transfer of qualified assets. When IRA assets transfer to heirs, one wrong move and the entire IRA can become fully taxed, rather than tax-deferred over time. In a recent study, TD Ameritrade and Pershing estimated that approximately 80 percent of IRA retirement assets that vanish will take flight within 18 months of when a client passes away, because beneficiaries will either spend down the asset or change advisors.A Trusteed IRA can potentially help reduce this risk. It combines the tax advantages of an IRA with the flexibility and control of a Trust. A Trusteed IRA delivers the benefits of tax-deferred accumulation along with the ability to control how, when and in what amounts assets are distributed to heirs.Here are five potential ways that a Trusteed IRA can help keep a legacy in check:

Source: 5 Ways Trusteed IRAs Can Keep A Good Thing Going