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Buddy Holly left a legacy of sorts, but was it really his legacy? He died intestate, so that is doubtful. Holly’s legacy was written by those who took control, instead of being carried out by trusted family he could have placed in control.

The chapters following Holly’s death take pains to not simply grieve the loss of the person and what he might have became, but at the loss of his physical legacy. Holly died intestate, so all his worldly possessions floated through several management hands for decades. In 1991, all of what might have become a Lubbock-based Buddy Holly Museum went on the auction block. Holly’s hometown never loved him. His family’s reaction to his accomplishments ranged from indifference to far too belated recognition, compounded by an erroneous film bio that garnered a great deal of publicity at the expense of the truth.

Source: Crescent Blues Second Look | Ellis Amburn: Buddy Holly — A Biography