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59% of Ukrainians who took part in a poll through the Dіia application are in favor of allowing all citizens to have a gun and carry it in public places. Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Digital Transformation Mykhailo Fedorov announced this on Facebook, Ukrainian News Agency reports. Diia is Ukraine’s national app used by its citizens for ease of identification and sharing of documents.

Fedorov said that the poll, which was conducted at the initiative of the Ministry of Interior Affairs among Dіia users on the circulation of firearms among civilians, was completed, it became the most massive – 1,726,452 Ukrainians took part in it in just a week.

59% of those who took part in the poll believe that all citizens who meet the requirements of the law can have a gun and freely carry it with them in public places;

22% note that guns should categorically not be in circulation of the civilian population;

19% noted that all citizens who comply with the law can have guns and use them only in shooting ranges or at shooting galleries, while carrying weapons with them is prohibited.

The results of the poll of the Ministry of Digital Transformation will be transferred to the Ministry of Interior Affairs for further assessment in order to take into account in the relevant law.

Support by Ukrainians for the right to bear arms has been increasing lately for some reason, and there are reports of citizens in the southern Kherson region carrying concealed weapons for protection and even shooting Russian soldiers with them in various incidents of resistance.