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Fire at will:


Some states allow either concealed carry or open carry. Some medical facilities in Texas have signs posted stating that no one can carry into the facility either open or concealed. But in many of those facilities, there are internal policies allowing staff members to carry, open or concealed. Because Family ER + Urgent Care is in Texas, Mr. Hutson made special recommendations for those with a license to carry:

  • If you’re carrying a firearm and are under immediate threat in the area where you are sheltering in place, take action.
  • Commit to your actions and take as accurate a shot as possible. (According to Mr. Hutson, the vast majority of assailants will commit suicide if confronted with equal or greater force.)
  • If the assailant is subdued, do not leave your shelter place with your weapon. Police may think you are also an active shooter.

Source: Expecting the Unexpected: Prepare for Active-shooter Situations in the Emergency Department – ACEP Now