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Fire at will:

More evidence that so-called “standard capacity” is not at all standard, and that so-called “high capacity” is actually standard:

NSSF’s Detachable Magazine Report (1990-2021) found an estimated total of 963,772,000 ammunition magazines in circulation. Of those, an estimated 717,900,000 have a capacity of greater than ten rounds.

Rifle magazines holding at least thirty rounds account for about half (46%) of total magazines. So you could almost say that thirty rounds is standard.

If a billion magazines is hard to imagine, consider that in another report NSSF estimates there are around a half billion firearms held by American civilians.

Yet the Left continues to believe it can restrict them without consequence.

What the Left fears most is the expansion of carry and the threat that poses to the criminal street gangs traditionally employed by communists in assuming and retaining power.