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More details are out on a recent story involving an armed Good Samaritan who saved a cop’s life. In my previous post, while heaping praise generally I also lightly blamed the hero for not having the gun on his person initially, so that he could respond quicker to the trooper’s plea for help. Now in the clear light of additional facts I withdraw that criticism. Given our hero’s felonious past, I can understand his hesitation in bringing a gun to a situation like this, especially involving a police encounter.

Our hero, Thomas Yoxall, had his felony expunged, with Second Amendment rights restored, and the courageous judge who approved that restoration also deserves a great deal of credit here. Mr. Yoxall has more than repaid his debt to society — i would say society owes him now, and i renew the offer i previously made to transfer a Front Sight Commander membership to him.

I don’t see info on whether Mr Yoxall has a carry permit but AZ does not require a permit for carry and it is apparent from the article that he is an “active shooter” (in the good training sense, not in the way that phrase has been used lately by the police-media complex). Based on the article, it appears he was careful to address Rule 4 line of sight and penetration concerns in making two center-of-mass shots, and then apparently on failure to stop made a fight-stopping head shot. All textbook, it seems.

The icing on the cake in this beautiful story is that the perp attacking the trooper was not only a meth-addicted illegal alien, but actually a former cop who served the Mexican police state:

Milstead identified the suspect last week as former Mexican federale Leonard Penuelas-Escobar, 37, who was living in the United States illegally.

Source: Hero in Tonopah-Area Shooting That Saved State Trooper’s Life Had Gun Rights Restored in 2003 | Phoenix New Times