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UPDATE: The Texas church shooter (who BTW preached atheism) was dishonorably discharged, had a history of domestic violence, so would seem to have been prohibited from possessing firearms. Bottom line, he criminally broke existing gun laws even before he murdered. Also, he applied for and was denied a concealed carry permit. Moreover, the responding armed citizen had NO military background and was armed with an AR-type rifle. Yes, an AR took this shooter down. And as with many other mass shooters, when faced with armed resistance the shooter shot himself rather than allow himself to be captured alive. Apparently everyone in the church was at least wounded. No word yet on whether anyone in the church carried.

You know what the problem with Texas is? It hates pistols!

Despite its pro-gun rep, Texas has been dragged kicking and screaming to the concealed carry revolution, and more recently to the open carry revolution.

This is a legacy of slavery and Jim Crow. Texas limited the carry of pistols by all in order to control blacks after the Civil War.

Hey Texas, pistols are portable. You can have them with you when you need them!

If one of those churchgoers had been carrying like a real American, a lot of lives might have been saved. Yes, even against a rifle and tactical gear. (Perhaps someone did carry and fought back — no word on that yet. But obviously more should have.)

Instead, we had to wait for some neighbor with a rifle to restore civilization.

Today’s mass shooting in Sutherland Springs, Texas, was only halted after an armed Texan “engaged” the killer and put an end to the rampage, the Texas Rangers reported.Freeman Martin, a major in the Texas Rangers and a spokesman for the Texas Department of Public Safety, says the suspect dropped his rifle and fled after being confronted by a local man who had grabbed his rifle.

Source: Texas Rangers: Armed Citizen ‘Engaged’ Killer, Ending Rampage :: Grabien News