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If your practice includes people in their 20s or 30s, you know that cash-value life insurance products can be a tough sell. This type of insurance can be difficult to explain, and many younger clients don’t see a need for life insurance in general until they become parents. In fact, a recent LIMRA study found that nearly three out of 10 millennials prioritize saving for a vacation over purchasing life insurance.But universal life in particular can be a good choice for your younger clients, given the balance it strikes between term, which is limited to a death benefit, and whole life, which could be cost-prohibitive. The major advantage for younger consumers is the ability to adjust universal life premium payments as their budget changes.  Here are five reasons why universal life could be an important part of your client’s planning strategy, and why it could make sense to buy a policy sooner than later:

Source: Five Reasons to Talk to Millennials About Universal Life Insurance