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The insular planning community (or at least, the insular planning press) didn’t plan very well for Trump, now is playing catchup:

The first few days after the election Washingtonians were walking around in a daze. The trajectory of policy and politics post-election that we were so sure about was eviscerated. Trump’s win hit the reset button on everything.  Republicans in the House are busy mending fences, putting their best game faces on and falling in line behind Speaker Paul Ryan for another two years. Republicans in the Senate are celebrating because they’re still in control, despite very big odds against them, after election night. And now everyone in Congress—even the Democrats—is talking about tax reform. It’s on. Big time. As for President-elect Trump, he announced his top three list for his first 100 days in office: (1) immigration (securing our borders), (2) health care (repealing big portions of the Affordable Care Act), and (3) growing jobs (driving economic growth via tax reform and putting people to work building and repairing our country’s infrastructure).

Source: Tax Reform Is On: Big Time

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