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I share Buchanan’s doubts about Gorsuch. My concern is that he is an Episopalian without an extensive judicial record on critical social issues. Nevertheless, he is probably the best we can get through the Senate and we are lucky to have him, I suppose. He will probably turn out OK, but something tells me he may go Souter on us. In recent times, conservative justices have tended rather strongly to be Catholic. In the Heller case for example, all five justices in the majority were Catholic, and all of the dissenting justices were non-Catholic. Of course there are many Protestants who are good conservatives, but I think lawyers in particular are more exactly discerning in choosing a faith that is consistent with their views on natural law, and so it makes sense that truly conservative lawyers would strongly gravitate to the reason and tradition that 2000 years of Catholic history offers. Liberal or muddled moderate lawyers are happy to remain soaking in the cognitive dissonance that is Protestantism.

Trump has warned the judges that if they block his travel ban, and this results in preventable acts of terror on American soil, they will be held accountable. As rightly they should.Meanwhile, Trump’s White House should use the arrogant and incompetent conduct of these federal judges to make the case not only for creating a new Supreme Court, but for Congress to start using Article III, Section 2, of the Constitution – to restrict the jurisdiction of the Supreme Court, and to reclaim its stolen powers.A clipping of the court’s wings is long overdue.

Source: Trump must break judicial power