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Set up your business with tax planning, estate planning, asset protection, and family protection in mind.

In this economy, you need every competitive advantage, and your competitors are not standing still when it comes to tax planning.

Estate planning and business succession planning is a must for any business owner with an exit strategy, should the Key Man meet with death or disability.  Partners DEMAND an exit strategy; Families NEED an exit strategy.

Everyone needs asset protection to protect what has been accumulated for Family over a lifetime, or perhaps generations.  The less wealth you have, the more important is this type of planning.  Can you live just on those assets of yours which are now barricaded by asset protection?  Would more asset protection provide you with more security, more peace, and more business credibility?

Business Planning requires tax planning, estate planning, and asset protection planning.

Periodically, a business audit is recommended to make sure formation documents are all in place, meeting minutes (or consents) are up to date, regulations applicable to your industry are followed, and to review policies and procedures, leases, insurance policies, and intellectual property such as trademarks and copyright.