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If you have a California CCW, or if you have applied for one, then you were doxed yesterday and today by California Attorney General Rob Bonta and his merry band at DOJ. “Doxed” means a great deal of your personal, confidential information was released to the public.

There are threads on this at Reddit and Calguns.

AG Bonta released new firearms data through his Firearms Dashboard Portal ostensibly to increase transparency, and boy did he increase transparency at least among the common folk.

Some suspect the timing of this release as too coincidental, with the Supreme Court’s Bruen decision, to be accidental.

All of these people are now at risk of home invasion, or worse. DOJ says the info was released by accident and the website is currently down, but it was up for quite awhile and all of the info is certainly available now on the dark web or other goto places for criminals. Beware. Litigate. Recall.