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Watermelon-EnvironmentalismSo much irony here. The socialist watermelons hijack four green environmental bills and turn them into red socialist gun grabbing bills. Who’d a thunk it?


Contact the members of the Senate Public Safety Committee Now!

Last week anti-gun legislators hijacked four bills and amended them into anti-gun bills of serious consequence to firearm owners and Second Amendment supporters.

These bills are now scheduled to be heard Tuesday, May 10 by the Senate Public Safety Committee.  Please contact the members of the Senate Public Safety Committee and urge them to OPPOSE AB 156, AB 857, AB 1135, and AB 1511.  Contact information can be found here or by clicking on the TAKE ACTION button below:

Below is a list of the amended bills:

Assembly Bill 156 (McCarty & de Leon) – AB 156, introduced as legislation to combat global warming, now requires the Attorney General to maintain information about ammunition transactions and vendor licenses. 

Assembly Bill 857 (Cooper & de Leon) – AB 857, introduced as legislation to reduce greenhouse gases, now serves as a restriction on curios, relics, and home-built firearms.

Assembly Bill 1135 (Levine & Ting) – AB 1135’s introduced as legislation to form the Kings River East Groundwater Sustainability Agency, now  serves as a reclassification of certain semi-automatic weapons to assault weapons. With this change any magazine capable of being removed from the firearm without disassembly of the firearm would now be classified as an assault weapon. This includes firearms that require a “tool” to remove the magazine such as rifles equipped with a “bullet button”. 

Assembly Bill 1511 (Santiago) – AB 1511’s introduced as energy saving bill, now severely limits the ability to loan a firearm between two law abiding citizens, for example a hunting trip or home protection.

Make sure that you are registered to vote so that you can support candidates who believe in your right to keep and bear arms. To register to vote, click here.