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This alert citizen deserves thanks, not the sort of abuse he got from Mark Thompson who was filling in for Tim Conway Jr on KFI. (Thompson took Avila to task for “bragging” on Facebook but libs like Thompson will never understand the need for realistic citizen journalism by citizens willing to take action.)

Free Front Sight membership for Mr Avila, if he wants one and contacts me (and is not already a member).

“It was very professional,” he says. “She sounded like a dentist’s secretary. She said, ‘I just want to make sure there’s no law enforcement there.’ And then she said, ‘Room 110.’ ” As soon as the second woman got out of the car, Avila drove a few hundred feet down the road and called the police, who arrived within minutes. With Avila’s descriptions, they went straight to Room 110.

Source: Cops Say Uber Driver Saved Passenger, 16, from Sex Trafficking: ‘I Knew What Was Happening’