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Refreshing to hear ANY government, especially in Europe, advocate the use of armed citizens as first responders if necessary.

And the point below is especially useful — is Sacramento trying to create a black market here for terrorists to take advantage of locally? You know, that’s really not a stretch, since California’s former Senator Yee, prior to being carted off to jail, was involved in smuggling guns to terrorists. (BTW for those who don’t remember, Senator Yee was the number one leader for aggressive gun control legislation in California.)

The Czech Republic came out hard against the directive. Officials warned — somewhat ominously — that the measure would limit the country’s ability to build “an internal security system” and make it nearly impossible to train army reservists. And a total ban on military-style rifles that can fire large numbers of rounds would make illegal thousands of weapons already owned by Czech citizens, potentially creating a black market for terrorists to exploit. Finland and Germany offered their own reservations; Europe’s pro-gun groups also mobilised against the bill with the support of politicians on the extreme right.

Source: Czech government tells its citizens how to fight terrorists: Shoot them yourselves | The Independent

UPDATE: the Czech Interior Minister is proposing a constitutional right to carry.

But note this reader’s comment re the latter article: