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In spite of the apparent good result here, I’m giving the elderly homeowner a “Mo” mainly because he used a gun that he had never fired before, that had been sitting in his nightstand for 30 years. What a horrible example of intentional incompetence! I am also concerned about his choice of caliber (.22) which has very little stopping power for defensive center-of-mass shots and is mainly useful for “assassination” type head shots. Insufficient facts here, but I really wonder if he took a head shot here as the article states the perp was killed with a single shot (though if a .22 did dance around in his cranio-ocular cavity, it’s amazing the perp made it outside).

The 81-year-old was able to grab a .22-caliber gun during a struggle with Schrout and fired one shot, police said.Schrout ran out of the house and the 81-year-old’s bedridden sister called 911, police said.When police arrived at the home, they found Schrout dead outside.The 81-year-old told police that he had never fired the gun before and that it had been sitting in his nightstand for 30 years. He also said he wished he had been stronger so that he could have fought off Schrout without having to shoot him.

Source: 81-year-old fatally shoots home invasion suspect, says gun had never been used in 30 years | WPXI

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