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Despite the somewhat good outcome, I’m giving this carrier a “Mo” because despite “having the drop on” these robbers by observing them and affirmatively entering the store to intervene (all OK, as far as I can tell on these facts), the carrier “squeezed” (more likely, slapped) off five rounds at the first guy and managed only to graze him once. So because of our high standards here at he gets a “Mo” though I’m not saying I would do any better under stress. (Also, I have a hunch that the young age of the robbers may have caused him to go into “warning shot” mode — bad legally and tactically, but a totally human response.) These kids (two of the robbers were technically adults, but the two who were armed were juveniles) are VERY lucky and hopefully they will learn.

According to the probable cause affidavit, one of the juvenile suspects then turned toward the customer, who fired five shots at him. The juvenile suspect fired one shot in return and then dropped the gun as he ran out of the store.

The juvenile suspect who fired the shot received a bullet graze wound to his right arm. It was the only injury reported in the incident.

The other juvenile suspect armed with a gun also dropped his firearm as he fled the business.

Source: Armed customer traded gunfire with robbers at Indianapolis Burger King –