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I have no quibble with the woman’s defensive gun use. And I generally applaud journalists who cover DGU’s. But I have to criticize their news video above as it is almost laughable in several respects.

First, I am not a big fan of pictures (moving or still, but especially moving) where a gun is pointed at me. (My heart goes out to the cameraman.) Rule 2 violation — pointing the muzzle in an unsafe direction. Not sure what point the reporter was trying to make by doing that.

Second, if you are going to violate Rule 2, then at least don’t violate Rule 3 (finger straight, off the trigger until ready to fire).

Third, if your going to violate Rule 2 and Rule 3, then at least do so with proper grip and stance. Or at least a proper grip, not the cupping you see so much in the movies (and all too-often at the range by people who still watch movies).

Fourth, I’m no expert on Georgia law but I’m pretty sure the expert on this video misstated the castle doctrine when he said it allowed deadly force where a perp is rummaging through your car or stealing your lawnmower. There may be no duty to retreat, but there still must be a reasonable justification for using deadly force though laws can vary on the finer points such as applicable presumptions.

Finally, I am absolutely sure castle doctrine is pronounced KASSEL not KASS-STULL.

COLUMBUS, Ga.- Imagine being startled by two men, one of them shirtless, walking up the steps into your home, one of them actually puts his foot inside the door. What do you do? One woman grabbed her gun and let the intruders know that she was armed.

Source: Woman draws gun on possible burglar in Columbus: What to do if this happens to you? | WRBL