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Fire at will:


Carry/shooting skills not so impressive. Training her dog to use the restroom — VERY impressive:

Alexander took her dog Chloe out to use the bathroom around midnight. Her husband was at work, and she was home alone. She said she saw a man walking down the sidewalk, and then he came into her yard.“I put my hand up and said, stop, excuse me. He did not stop,” she said.She tells us she tried to close the door, but the man hit it. A struggle ensued in the living room, continuing into the hallway.“He’s in my space. It was clear that he had intent,” she said, “I don’t know if his intent was money or rape or murder. I just knew that he had very bad intentions, and I was scared.”She said the man got her on the bed and tried to take her clothes off.“I could not imagine laying there and letting this man control me,” she said.Alexander fought back.“I kicked the hell out of him… I pulled my leg back, and I kicked him dead in his chest as hard as I could,” she said.The move gave her enough time to grab a gun nearby.“I pulled the gun from the case, flipped the safety, sat up, pointed it, and shot twice,” she said.The man ran away, likely not hit. Bullet holes remain in clothes in the closet and walls.

Source: Bargersville woman turns tables on home intruder by pulling gun on him | Fox 59