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[Hi it’s me Dave Duringer — no, I didn’t “die suddenly” (a concerned relative thought I did because this post came up on google in a way that gave that impression). No one in my family took the clot shot, although a distant cousin of mine did “die suddenly” at a young age. I hope anyone that got the shot can also get the information they need to survive and thrive until we know exactly what the risks are and how to minimize or eliminate those risks.]

As the saying goes: “Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.”

Maybe include language in your trust disinheriting beneficiaries if they accept experimental gene therapy injections for themselves, or administer them to their children, or at least strongly incentivize them against that?

Given what we’ve seen over the last several years, I could definitely see some court ruling such a clause void as against public policy.

But the advantage of a trust is that you stand a better chance of not having the courts involved at all. Trusts are meant to be private, and your family may find a way to carry on your wishes no matter how a court may rule. Call it family justice.