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If you shoot through car doors, Critical Duty may be just the thing for you:

With their Critical Defense line of ammunition, the engineers at Hornady realized that most citizens looking for ammunition for their concealed handguns aren’t likely to be shooting through sheet metal or auto glass, and will most likely be carrying smaller, lighter guns.  Making ammunition for this target market didn’t require slavish devotion to the FBI protocols, because the needs of the private citizen were different.  Also, most carry guns have shorter barrels, and so this ammunition is optimized for use in short-barreled pistols.

Small, light guns, especially those small enough to fit in pockets, are very convenient to carry, but loading them with hotloaded +P ammo originally designed for big heavy guns can make them tough to shoot.  Considering the circumstances in which most concealed carry guns will be used (conversational distances, with little or no intervening barriers), sometimes less is more.

Both Critical Duty and Critical Defense rounds are tipped with what appears to be Hornady’s FTX bullet, but that’s not the case.  The Critical Defense rounds are loaded with the FTX bullet, which has a flexible polymer insert in the “Flex Tip” hollowpoint cavity which resists clogging when flying through thick clothing and/or drywall, and yet initiates expansion when it actually hits someone.  The Critical Duty line is loaded with the “FlexLock” bullet.  The FlexLock has the Flex Tip point, but it is paired with their InterLock band which locks the jacket and core together.  This bonded core stays together better when going through intermediate barriers (i.e. the FBI protocols).

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